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I'm Brent Houchin, and I have specialized in Human Resources Management for over 24 years. I have worked for organizations of various sizes from smallest to largest. Over time, I noticed some trends - a lack of clear information and respect in the workplace, specifically as it pertained to Human Resources processes. I saw opportunities for improving communication around legal compliance, job functions and procedures.

As a result, I established Houchin Consulting in February, 2006 initially supporting and guiding small companies in all areas of Human Resources. I expanded to offer training and education to organizations of all sizes, focusing on the areas that are pitfalls for new and seasoned management, such as harassment, discrimination, bullying, LGBTQI, and workplace professionalism.

Houchin Consulting is Denver based and continues to offer Human Resources Alignment - assistance with all areas of Human Resources - as well as training and educational opportunities through webinars, seminars, conference arenas, in-services, one-on-one coaching, and small group settings. I offer local, in-person and on-site assistance. Please take a moment to click on the Services tab to learn more.

Human Resources Alignment is about RESPECT and knowing your audience.

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