“I want to recommend the services of HOUCHIN CONSULTING, LLC and Brent Houchin for Human Resources projects.   In November of last year, we contracted Brent's firm to help us get caught up with our human resources requirements.   We had Brent come in and the results were amazing and completed on time.   We instituted an employee handbook, conducted stay interviews, worked on a paperwork audit, and did a lot of training on employee relations.  We are super pleased and know you will be too.”

-David P., Print Industry


“HC provided guidance to the whole hiring and onboarding process.  This was so valuable to us as we continue to grow.  We would not hesitate to work with HC again!”

-Jenny S., Safety Industry


“We had an immediate need, Brent came to see us the same day and worked through quick and efficient resolution.  His training was helpful, we plan to use HC for a lot more training in the future on other HR related subjects.”

“We have a much better understanding of HR laws and practices and continue to learn and grow through Houchin Consulting’s offerings.”

-David M., Real Estate/Flipping Industry


“We would 100% recommend Houchin Consulting to anyone! The professionalism, quality of work and knowledge/education is a resource every company should have.”

“The communication and follow-up are excellent.We are extremely happy that we were referred to Houchin Consulting.”

-Samantha H., HVAC Industry


“Houchin Consulting saved us time and resources by allowing for content to be built with ease and with a real sense of our internal employee culture. The training helped set a new baseline for our managers and their capabilities.”

“It was a fantastic process with a wonderful result!”

-Tyler H., Website Broswer Tech Industry


 “I would recommend Houchin Consulting in a heartbeat. Brent really listened to me and our employees when developing our training programs. It would have been easy for him to put more of a "one-size fits all" kind of thing. But he knew that was not going to work for us, and instead he developed a custom training that felt completely geared for our managers and culture.

“Brent also did the (almost) impossible. Typically a training of this kind would take somewhere between 4-6 months to develop. Brent knew my tight timeline and delivered a complete training program, including all training materials, in a 4 week period.”

-Lindsay U., Tech Security Industry​​

"We have customer service challenges and Brent put together a wonderful program that was well received by staff and will continue to help them remember the importance of great service.  Brent’s experience and expertise was evident throughout the process.  I would recommend Houchin Consulting to anyone."

-Rachel S., Amusement/Theme Park Industry